A Guide From Semalt On How To Check For Plagiarism On An Article

With so many articles on the internet, it is almost impossible to create something new. However, as content writers, we are obligated to try our best and provide new perspectives to the topics given to us to discuss. So we must check every article we create and ensure it is 100% original. 

For a long time, SEO writers, teachers, and students around the world considered Copyscape to be the leading plagiarism checker. But is it truly the best at detecting and preventing plagiarism?
Since it is a paid tool, users are more confident and believe that they get good quality for every cent they spend on the platform. 

As AI technologies have advanced over the last few years, more plagiarism checkers have been created. While some of these tools are free, others offer payment plans which are comparably lower than Copyscape. 

In this article, we will be showing you some of these new platforms and why we feel they are contenders to Copyscape.
But before that, let's get down to the basics. 

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of stealing the ideas or words of another and publishing them as yours. Google, like many other search engines, has put in measures to prevent users from publishing plagiarized content. Despite that, there is a lot of plagiarized content on the internet. In fact, there have been several occasions when Google ranked plagiarized contents highly on SERP. 

This is another reason why we constantly search the net for our plagiarized content. Doing this helps protect our clients and ensure that their quality content can be found only on your website. 

Plagiarism can be malicious because the thief can knowingly take someone else's work. However, plagiarism can also be a mistake. Perhaps the writer quoted a source and failed to add the citation. It could also be that they paraphrased an idea that closely resembles the original content.

This happens to a lot of writers.

Before you can get rid of plagiarism on a piece, you must first be able to detect it. To do this, you will need tools to scan your content and detect plagiarism. 


Grammarly is popularly known as an editing tool. It also has a plagiarism checking tool so when its users can edit and check for plagiarism without needing another tool. 

The free version displays an instant report showing the number of issues on a document. It also tells you if plagiarism has been detected or not. The downside of using the free version is that it doesn't show exactly what errors are on your document. 

Using the paid version allows you to go deeper by showing you the errors it detects and a lot more. 


Plagiarisma, like Grammarly, comes in both a free and paid version. Users can either upload documents directly onto their website or use the Windows, Android, BlackBerry, or Moodle plugin option. 

One of the advantages of using Plagiarisma is that it supports up to 190 different languages. 

To upload a document on Plagiarisma, you can upload or enter the live URL to check for duplicate content. 


ProWritingAid is an editing tool that also serves as a plagiarism checker. It is also one of the closest contenders we have to Copyscape. 

While the tool doesn't offer a free version, it is an affordable alternative to Copyscape. There is a monthly, yearly, and even a lifetime subscription plan. You can also purchase plagiarism checks in batches. 

Unlike Copyscape, the software is based on the number of checks rather than word count. This makes it an ideal choice for writers who check long content like scripts or novels. 

ProWritingAid is available on Mac and Windows OS. It also has extensions that can be added to Firefox, Chrome, Open Office, MS Word, Google Docs, and other software. 

Another perk to using ProWritingAid is that you don't have to install its software. All the desktop features are accessible directly in its web editor. 

Subscribing for the premium plan grants users access to other beneficial tools. 

Plagiarism Checker

Its name clearly states its function. It is a completely free plagiarism tool with a simple interface. It's compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry, Mac, and Windows OS. 

This tool allows users to invert text directly by uploading the file or pasting the webpage URL. 

There is a feature that allows you to exclude websites from the check. 

The disadvantage of using this checker, however, is that it can only handle 1000 words per search. So it's unfit for most long-form content. 


CopyGator is a free blogging tool that offers features like analyzing the RSS feed of your website and notifying you if your content has been published somewhere else. 

This program is another excellent alternative to the premium version of Copyscape. 

There are two methods of using CopyGator:

The first method requires you to add their image badge to your blog. A red badge indicates that there is a duplicate of your content on another site. 

The second option is to paste your RSS feed directly into CopyGator, and then click "Watch this feed." From that point onwards, all posts on your site will be monitored.


PlagScan is a favored plagiarism tool for many academic institutions. PlagScan supports almost every common file format, and it factors in academic and scientific journals when scanning for plagiarism. 

Like many other tools on this list, PlagScan allows its users to directly paste URLs, text, or upload files to check for plagiarism. 

Users can use filters and rules to control their plagiarism check, so the program understands how sensitive each check should be. 

PlagScan offers a trial version for free, but the paid option offers the best quality and service from the software. 

Plagiarism detector 

A plagiarism detector is a great option if you're new to writing. It is a simple and free tool well suited for any beginner. Like Plagiarism Checker, this tool has a user-friendly dashboard. You could easily operate it even with no previous experience. 

To check a document, you can paste its URL directly into the analyzer, upload it as a file, and even exclude a URL when you do not want it in your analysis. 

Plagiarism detector remains free for checks under 25,000 words. Once you've reached your limit, it stops being free. There are different monthly tiers users can choose from. 

Copy Leaks 

this is an AI-based plagiarism checker that is able to analyze texts in over 100 different languages. Copy Leak is a website that offers a wide range of helpful tools. On its website, you'll find a text comparison feature, a programming code checker, a site comparison tool, and a file finder tool. 

Copy leaks is a tool highly utilized by teachers because of its automated grading tool. Its Copyshield program finally protects your website from being plagiarized. 

It has both a free and a paid version. On its free version, users have a maximum of 20 scans every month but enjoy unlimited analysis on the paid version. Paying the monthly subscription also comes with a lot of useful bells and whistles. 


Like many of the apps, you'll find here, Plagium offers a free and paid version. Its free version allows you to perform quick checks, but for a more in-depth analysis, you will have to use its paid feature. 

Plagium allows users to upload files, text, or URLs to be analyzed. There is a monthly plan, or users can buy credits based on the number of words per search. 


Plagiarism is a sensitive matter, but these tools ensure that whichever tool we deliver is 100% original. 

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